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Klein K10-A Colorimeter

K10-AK10-AK10-A with aiming lights on


The new Klein K10-A Colorimeter has been upgraded with enhanced optics, giving it a 3X advantage in sensitivity over previous K-10's. K10-A's continue the Klein tradition of high speed, versatile, mobile and accurate colorimeters that Klein has come to be known for. The new capabilites of the K10-A allow it to perform superior low light and gamma measurement. 


Technical Specifications

Measuring Function: Colorimetric, xyY, uvY, RGB, Tc Tuv Y,

Measuring Range: 0.00002-2919 fL; 0.00006-10,000 nits (candelas per square meter)

Measurement Area/Distance: 22mm diameter / 110 mm from display

Display Intervals: 0.1 second auto ranging; 6 ranges, each channel ranges independently.

Filtering: 20Hz low pass 3 pole analog filter, 14 bit A/D Converter, digital averaging

System Response: Closely matches CIE 1931 Std Observer curves. Klein vs. CIE.

Accuracy(Illuminant A):
Chroma +- 0.002 x,y (displayed value > .33 nits)
Luminance +- 1% Y, +- 1 LSB (displayed value > 0.01 nits)
Chroma +- 0.002 x,y (displayed value > .33 nits)
Luminance +- 1% Y, +- 1 LSB (displayed value > 0.01 nits)

Data Interface: (K10-A USB) USB Communication to PC

Output Connector: (K10-A USB) USB plug for communication and power

Data Interface: (K10-A RS-232) 9600 baud RS232 Communication to PC

Output Connectors: (K10-A RS-232) Serial com 9-pin (DB9), and USB plug for 5v power only

Serial com 9-pin (DB9), USB plug for 5v power only (RS232 Version)

Size: 10.5" Long x 2.375" Diameter (267mm x 60mm)

Power Supply: 5 volts, 75mA nominal (175mA max w/LED's On) from a PCs USB port, or from included power supply

Operating Requirements: Temperature: 0-40 C; Humidity: below 85% RH non-condensation

Weight/Materials: net 19 oz (591g.); Platinum colored high-impact plastic and black anodized aluminum

Shipping Weight: 7 pounds

The Klein K10-A is so smart that it can measure all luminous display technologies.

Preloaded Cal Files Include:

  • CRT
  • Projector Lux
  • TVL XVM245
  • LED Backlit LCD
  • Plasma
  • DLP Projector
  • TVL LEM150
  • Sony EL OLED
  • Eizo CG LCD

Klein K10-A Features

  • Optimized Optics. Lab tested revisions to the existing K-10 optical system allowed for a 3x increase in sensitivity using the long focus lens.
  • Large Photodiodes. Diodes that are 5mm x 5mm each, along with being thermally stable and linear report the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Exceptionally Accurate Filters. Not only is the f1’ of Y critical but the accuracy of X and Z as well. See the actual Klein vs. CIE graph.
  • Light Mixing Chamber. This ensures all the diodes see the same light and virtually eliminates any x,y variations by turning the probe clockwise or counter clockwise.
  • Quick Measurements over an RS232 (over USB) line. The head takes 256 measurements per second, even at low light. For readability, 8 measurements per second are displayed.
  • FFT Flicker Meter: Probe measures and integrates Y data in the head, and streams in real time to the PC, and a Fast Fourier Transform is performed. JEITA method.
  • 8 Bright LED's. LED's projecting through an ~12ft (4m) focal length lens and focusing on a screen define the measurement area. Acceptance angle is ±5 degrees.
  • Rugged Construction. The K10-A's auto ranging is solid state and the case is impact resistant to hold up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week usage that the display manufacturers require.
  • Included items are the PC program and a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.

Compatible Software

  • Klein: ChromaSurf
  • SpectraCal: CalMan
  • Light Illusion: Light Space
  • THX: CineSpace
  • ChromaPure
  • TV Logic: CalSoft
  • Sony: Auto White Adjustment

Or choose to create your own with our SDK

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